String puppeteer, violinist and researcher.

Bringing to life, animated objects riding on a musical current are how Bruno performs. With an innate talent and ability to create new inventions, his marionetes, violin renderings and contraptions have touched hearts worldwide, permeating them with an experience of contentment, wonder and joy that remain as precious memories.

A Physicist with a Masters in Performing Arts he is fascinated by the "intercessory" strength of the marionettes and seeks to affect the scene by expanding it, resulting in precious experiences in our human ecology. From the moment he decided to adventure on a journey around the earth, going clockwise essentially by land and sea, without a pre-arranged route, he invites us with this performance to experience a clash of realities: marionettes, violin, machines, entertainment and life.

Born in 1959, he lives in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017 he was invited to give a TEDx talk at the University of Pennsylvania, following with a tour in China, with over 27 performances including famous theatres in Shanghai, Beijing, Foshan and Shenzhen. He studied puppet technique with the master puppeteers Phillip Huber and Albrecht Roser from the United States and Germany and learned classical violin with Polish virtuoso Jerzy Milewski. During his 30 years career Bruno has been invited to perform at the PUK Theater in Tokyo, the International Puppet Festival of Iida - Japan, Yaesu International performing Festival - Korea, the Arts Festival in Cabela – Italy, the Trøms Amnesty Concert - Norway, the Manu Dibango concert in Bujumbura - Burundi. In Brazil he performed at the Leblon Theater - RJ, the International FIL Theatre Festival – Rio and the MIMO Music Festival among others.