The BOOOM show

A near impossible fusion of Fantastical Puppets, Captivating Music and Wild Contraptions make this show a tour de fun that will keep your imagination on the very edge.


The seven puppets are brought to life to perform their fantastic tricks including juggling, tightrope walking, aerobatics, violin, dancing and acrobatics.

As the performances unfold, puppets and audience members taking over the stage alike, Bruno enchants us with his Violin, filling the halls not only with an explosion of performances but also with truly beautiful music.

Simultaneously, the Booom Machine comes to life, piece by piece, on the stage. And when all the elements are set in place for the chain reaction to begin all that is left is for a spectator to give the first push. Ready for the colourful explosion?

In this unexpected show, few words are used... just sounds, gibberish and the melodies played on the violin. Both children and adults will be in awe as they experience this 55 minutes live puppet show.


  • In the repertoire, the Monti Czardas, the Spring from Vivaldi, waltzes and varied songs. Besides the violin, instruments like agogôs and Chinese dishes help Bruno to give rhythm to the spectacle, creating climates of suspense and emotion.
  • The Booom Machine is a contraption invented by Bruno that allows him to animate the puppets and play violin simultaneously. It is also a device where various elements (ropes, balloons, levers, balls rolling on a ramp, etc.) are armed in the space of the scene. Once the mouse trap is triggered, a chain reaction is initiated causing surprises and explosions.
  • Puppets are controlled by dozens of strings and full of secrets and levers that come to life to delight the public. Among them are the juggler Paparoti, the violinist Hinoki, the trapeze player Sandra, the balancing actress Bongo, the contortionist Julietta, the dog Lili, the horse Romeo among others.


Technical sheet of the play:
Original name: BOOOM | Duration 55 minutes | Author: Bruno Descaves | Direction: Misao Inoue and Dudu Andrade | Cast: Bruno Descaves | Costume Designer: Luna Jatobá and Tita Nunes | Costume Design for the Puppets: Misao Inoue and Luna Jatobá | Scenography, Design and Construction of the Puppets & Machine: Bruno Descaves, Luna Jatobá and Hideo Kanno | Sound: Misao Inoue | Recorded piano: Misao Inoue |
Languages: Theatre of objects + puppets + violin
All public + 01 years